Jump reveals Final Fantasy XIII-2 Snow Render artwork

The latest issue of Jump includes an update on Final Fantasy XIII-2. The preview comes with a look at Snow’s character render/artwork, which sees him sporting a black jacket, red v-neck, and gnarlier hair.



29 thoughts on “Jump reveals Final Fantasy XIII-2 Snow Render artwork

      1. What are you talking about? And just take a look at Snow’s render and then look at this…
        Please don’t tell me that Hope looks more stupid…

    1. Umm Hope’s nose looks really derpy :I he looked way better as a kid imo. Idk what’s up with you fangirls all of a sudden but snow does look derpy in the cg render that i agree with you but his real-time looks really good! I know his hair is “weird” to some people but it’s just him without his hat and his bangs backwards that it’s. I would be on the same page as you if hope’s nose wasn’t the most derpiest thing a live.

    1. lol no you’re not! looks just like it. Didn’t care for that hair on xemnas either, but on snow it seriously looks like a mullet.

  1. I hope Serah and Noel are not only “main” playable character to have more variety. I guess most likely snow/hope would be guest. Even though it would be better if lightning, snow and other two (Noel and Serah) are in end game party (ignoring monsters aside).

    Would be cool if other character like hope/sazh be guest in party depending on time and place consider it like KH with world guest party members. I doubt this will happen.

  2. Snow looks kinda gay now. That whole metrosexual thing just isnt good for him. I liked his look better in XIII. That was cool. They shouldnt have changed his hair and he would look cool. I dont care about Hope since he is one of the most annoying characters in FF history. I mean I really like FF XIII but I really dont like Hope. They can kill him off for all I care.

    I am already predicting that one of the major complaints about XIII-2 will be that it has not enough playable characters for the main party. But who gives a damn this game is my personal highlight of 2012. Its a new FF game for PS3!

  3. Woah, that man has become even sexier! I really like his beastly new appearance, especially because I dig the bad guy x good girl pairring. At least now Snow’s lips seems more manly, remember his glossed lips, now there you could talk about ‘girly’!

    I think he looks much more masculine now, I can’t wait to see him in-game :D

  4. i think snow looks bad ass, he looks less like fan girls are gonna love him and more awesome. I am hoping that Sarah and noel aren’t the only main playable characters and that we get some new characters and some old faces returning! cant wait to see what the rest of um look like x

  5. You guys!!! Don’t you know you’re hurting his feelings? He’s now going to cry in a corner and not even Serah can cheer him up. YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELFS.

  6. Yeah, dunno how I feel about that hair yet.

    Looks like Fang’s hair in the way that it’s pushed back…It work better for him than it does Fang, bitch needs a brush:)

  7. ROFLMFAOOO I thought he was the Monkey from Monkey Magic with those side-burns BAHAHAHHA!!! But still… His old looks’ better (:

  8. for everyone thats sayin he looks retarded y dont you go look in the mirror to see how much better he looks than your monkey ass faces this games gonna rock and snow looks cool imo congrats to square for makin different be cool ^_^

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