New Jihl Nabaat Coliseum Battle DLC Screenshots & Lightning Episode DLC Arriving in May!

JIHL NABAAT: “I will be back!”

Yesterday we told you that Jihl Nabaat, one of the main villains from FINAL FANTASY XIII, will make her comeback as Coliseum “monster” on  March 13th. Now Sony’s Asian PlayStation Store has released some little screenshots were you can see kicking Noel’s ass. and posing.

The Jihl Nabaat Coliseum DLC should be available next week on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.


Dengeki PlayStation has reported that Lightning’s Story DLC will be released in May. The weekly Famitsu also had some new information to share. They told that the story DLC will tell about the Lightning’s fight against Caius and the combat will different from the game’s regular battle system. (!)

On January, Famitsu has also reported that story episode with Lightning would “reveal the hidden truth” behind Final Fantasy XIII-2’s endings.

QUESTION TIME: What do you think? Which role will Jihl has when you capture her crystal? Saboteur? And how different will the “Lightning battle system” be?

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