A New FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Footage from CEDEC 2011!

“This year’s CEDEC 2011 game developers conference had a unique session that touched upon Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2. The subject of the session, held during earlier today, was the late Yoshinori Kanada. Square Enix mobile business senior manager Takashi Tokita and Mobile & Game Studio chairman Masanobu Endou discussed Kanada’s legacy.

Before passing away two yeas back at 57, Kanada had worked on such games as Final Fantasy XI, Hanjuku Heroes, Musashiden II, Final Fantasy IV (DS version), Seiken Densetsu 4 and Final Fantasy XIII. He was also animation supervisor on Final Fantasy The Spirits Within.

Lightning & Serah Artwork

On FFXIII, Kanada served as storyboard director, heading up storyboards for the game’s pre-rendered movie scenes, real time cut scenes and summon scenes.

Tokita shared a message from FFXIII and XIII-2 director Motomu Toriyama revealing that one piece of unused Kanada content will be revived for XIII-2. Kandada created a storyboard showing Lightning being held by her summon Odin. Although Toriyama personally liked this scene, it ended up not being used, something that Toriyama says he regrets. XIII-2 will have a scene that’s similar to this.”

Text from Andriasang!


One thought on “A New FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Footage from CEDEC 2011!

  1. This is so cool! It’s exactly what we asked for, more Lightning! Now if they would give more info bout Sazh, Hope, and Snow.

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