Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST Plus – Parallel World ~CrossFadeDemo~ Preview

Square Enix Japan has updated their OST Plus site and added a brand new preview of Parallel World ~CrossFadeDemo~. The Original Soundtrack Plus will be released this week on Wednesday (May 30) in Japan and it will contain remixes and a new track “Clash on the Big Bridge.”

Track list

  1. “Local Cosmos_soft_4Beat”
  2. “Travelogue_GuideVocalDemo”
  3. “The Last Hunter_original long edition”
  4. “Unseen Intruder_instrumental”
  5. “Memories for the Future_another take”
  6. “FirstPV”
  7. “Starting Over_Goh Hotoda REMIX”
  8. “BOSSBATTLE_v2-09_31aug11”
  9. “Crazy Chocobo_UstreamEdit”
  10. “Hopping Chocobo”
  11. “Noel’s Theme_guitar demo version”
  12. “Local Cosmos_other_110725”
  13. “Parallel World CrossFadeDemo”
  14. “yuza_050”
  15. “Clash on the Big Bridge – Oriental MIX -“
  16. “Noel’s Theme – Final Journey -_AbstractSetOne”

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