Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Omega has been released in Japan this week and, as usually, new information alongside with interviews and artwork were included in it.

New information was shared from questions regarding the new Lightning DLC which was released in last May. Toriyama comments:  “Like Lightning advancing one step forward in the secret event, I think we want to take a step forward to advance our own project. From now on, I’d be happy if you could anticipate it.”

Is Toriyama really working on Final Fantasy XIII-3? Recently he mentioned that he would be working on a new project soon after XIII-2′s completion…

Gematsu also shared some new information from their translations:

Kitase: (The last part about Lightning’s DLC Episode) Explaining “XXX Years Later” would be pointless. It might seem that the line “To Be Continued…” means that Lightning’s chapter will continue in more download content, but we are doing it in a different interpretation.

Toriyama: With Lightning remaining in the 〇〇〇〇ル (crystal?) but still keeping her heart, you could say that the world of Final Fantasy XIII will be permanently 〇〇ed. I’m praying for the day to come that Lightning will surely 〇〇めて (wake up?) and Serah will be rewarded.

Via: FF-Reunion, Gematsu & Nova Crystallis

PS. Sorry for the lag of news lately, we have been working on other projects… The Next One.


  1. YES, PLEASE!! And this time take your time. We want a great story + great gameplay. Don’t focus on only 1 thing, everything should be great. I also want better graphics cuz 13-2 was ugly in cutscenes :/


  3. I’d like to see a XIII-3 but here’s my wish list:
    – Longer game
    – More side-quests
    – More things to do when you end the game
    – More mini games, not just slot machines and mini games
    – More than 2 playable characters
    – No monsters as 3rd character
    – Maybe a happy ending :D
    – No ending in the DLC, every main thing should be available directly in the game
    – More wild monsters (For example in XIII you had Longgui, Shaolonggui, Adamanthart, etc. while in XIII-2 only Longgui)
    – Beautiful soundtrack (I loved XIII and XIII-2 soundtracks)
    – Cool story, of course, not like Assassin’s Creed/XIII-2 where at the end you don’t understand anything. Long at least 40 hours (I ended XIII-2 story in 20 hours)
    – I believe Lightning shouldn’t be just a side character

    I know that you can’t implement just everything but you should try at least.

    1. Oh and I forgot:
      – Better accessory system. I hate the XIII-2 one
      – Ability to use Sprint and Slow
      – Great minigames, not puzzles

    2. couldn’t agree more! The same weapon upgrade system as in XIII would be awsome too, right?

  4. Is Noel Kreiss going to be Playable in Final Fantasy XIII-3 if they make that game? Yaag Rosch never Appeared in Final Fantasy XIII-2 at all not even in the Coliseum Battle along with Cid Raines never Appeared in the Coliseum at all. Caius Ballad is Gone and Gadot, Lebreau, Maqui and Yuj might be lost in the end of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Oerba Dia Vanille and Oerba Yun Fang might wake up and Might Appear in Final Fantasy XIIi-3 if they make that game.

  5. If they make FF XIII-3, they need to have a better story, and longer story. I mean FF XIII had thirteen chapters whereas FF XIII-2 only had 6. AND THEY NEED TO HAVE MORE THAN 2 PLAYABLE CHARACTERS!!! That was what killed FF XIII-2 for me, that you could only play as Noel or Serah, completely hated the monster thing. And I would not rely on a DLC for the ending. And Lightning better be the main character.

  6. I highly doubt it is XIII-3. It is more likely to be FFXV. There isn’t really enough story left to make another sequel. If anything as a game, it would be a maximum og 10 hours with ll gameplay and story ccombined if that. XIII would be just fine with finishing through the novels

    1. No it wouldn’t be just fine ending through the novels, say that to the VII compilation and see how they react. Anyway with Yeul being revealed as an antagonist I think there’s more than enough story left for another game.

  7. This was expected really. What I want to see is:

    -Lightning as the main character again (and this interview kinda confirms that already)

    -We don’t have to worry about time travel anymore since the time gates are gone.

    -Longer story would be awesome.

    -I would want Noel to turn on the party and take on a Seifer like knight role for Yeul, that’d add something to him.

    -Lightning kicking Yeul’s ass!

  8. -Longer game
    -No stupid clock puzzles etc
    -No controllable monsters
    -Add a 4th player in combat
    -Bigger Crysterium, but only one role per character (like the old days)
    -Same battle system
    -All characters available only after story progression
    -Adding more accessory slots like armor, etc

    1. I don’t think it should be one role per character, that would kind of break the battle system and make characters having the abilities in the other games redundant for them not to be able to use them again.

  9. -Longer Story
    -All the world are connected,ex:from new bodhum you can walk to the steppe
    -If time travel still exist,i hope another timeline not mean only change the environment,like dry become snow
    -More Hunt monsters sidequest like in FFXIII
    -Closure : Serah back and marry snow maybe?

  10. please make it happen ff13-3 .there few thing i really hate 13 -2 ending ,the sick anamoly clock,the slot machine ,the chocobolina (shes annoying )the costumes (pointless),throw away allysse she sick,ff13 2 is about find her sister and yeul there here and many yeul. and go change the packaging put caiuss and yeul front cover,,as main character.. (mislead).and less side character mumble .

    i hope in ff13-3 .i want the crystrarium level character expand ,no more new character as refer in ff10-2 they add paine , nooj gipal baralai lenne syuin, not much bout tidus but still its great game and story. no hidden story in DLC .no yuko oshima who designer tought it fit to pido-game , no more to be continue okay. gee am i too much?

  11. If I could put in my two cents, as someone who has gone through these games numerous times…..
    Someone mentioned one role per character. I like that, except I think i would make it a big cast of characters with a team leader you can choose and paradigm packs for the next two slots where you can substitute in multiple combinations of characters. I wouldn’t change a thing for battle except they may just as well spawn battles randomly and without the mog clock like old days. I would probably wait for the next generation of consoles, too. I know that means a long wait but hopefully SE will make patience pay off. As far as the story goes who really cares, they have shown they can compell us all with this fal’cie stuff, but it would be nice to see more of fang and venille they were my favorites.

    1. I had this idea too with the switching characters in. But after thinking on it, I’d rather they stick to the XIII style where each character had three roles they were best suited for. I like to go with one set of characters when I play a JRPG so each having one role would mean using everyone.

      Another problem with characters just having one role is the roles themselves, so say Lightning could only attack? Hope could ONLY heal? Snow could ONLY guard? It’d make using certain characters a lot less fun.

      As for F and V, I hope they just come back at the end, they have no chance to develop and would only be fanservice for fans of them. I’m not too big on static characters.

      1. I see what you mean with the role systems. I kinda assumed the story would go to a time during the war of transgression where f and v were very much the protagonists, but I honestly have no idea. I do have a question though. In the historia crux, in the shaded overview of the entire crux, there are 3 unopened gates before the new bodhum 003af gate that are never accessible. Obviously that is probably open to interpretation, but I also may have missed something. Ideas?

      2. @AK There’s no way that they’re going to do a prequel when the story hasn’t even concluded yet. Plus it wouldn’t be called XIII-3 if it was a prequel. Also I think if they ever did do a prequel that it’d be with Caius and Yeul instead of F and V, there’s just so much more to their backstory. Besides there’s no way Square is making a XIII game without Lightning, lol.

        As for the three unopened gates, they are very much accessible, one is the coliseum where you can fight the bosses you’ve downloaded, and the other two are Lightning and Sazh’s scenarios.

  12. “The Next One” happens to be the codename for Gaga’s 4th album. HMM… I would LOVE to hear her do a piano ballad with YOKO Shimomura, a theme song or something! :) [I love FINAL FANTASY and LADY GAGA. Have you heard her new demo/song “PRINCESS DIE” (it’s about how FAME KILLS, like how fame killed Princess Diana, paparazzi car chase, etc.)?]

    Hopefully the next XIII is about LIGHTNING mainly!

  13. Oh come on, it’s so obvious they’re going to make a FFXIII-3 that they may as well have stamped ‘Stay Tuned For Sequel!’ on the ending. I had a feeling from the get go anyway the DLC’s wouldn’t fix everything from the main ending. The only way this series will get it’s happy ending is with a sequel. It simply all depends on when and how they’ll go about that ^^

  14. As for what I’d want in a FFXIII-3, well:

    -Don’t mind more characters in the team, so long as it’s not as many as FFXIII because it got a little overwealming in gameplay. In fact if it was just Lightning going solo like in the DLC i’d be for that.

    -Slightly longer game. I thought the pacing in FFXIII-2 was a lot better than FFXIII (that at points really dragged on) so if they could make FFXIII-3 a longer game but keep the pacing, then that would be great

    -Keep the Live Triggers and Cinematic Events! I loved how much fun they brought to the game and made you feel more involved with it. It would be great if those returned in a sequel, maybe even improved upon to make the Cinematic Events more difficult, while the Live Triggers having more varity in their answers (since at times, most seemed like the same question just phrased differently.)

    -Closuuuure, giving the characters their happy ending. ^^

    -Add more to the gameplay? Because even though you get the cool Cinematics fighting the bosses or with the monsters, most the time you are still just pressing x with a L1 here and there for good measure.

    -And on a silly fandom note….some Noel/Serah please >___________>;;;;;;;

  15. No more FFXIII plz. *awaits lynching*
    Squenix need fans to start believing in them again, which means leaving the sequel cash-ins alone and giving us FFXIII Versus already!

      1. @Masamune I never said they shouldn’t finish Versus. But there’s no reason for them not to make a XIII-3 and finish the story.

    1. Shut up about versus, I find FFXIII a great game and story , why do u hate it do much , let em do FFXIII-3

      1. u mad bro?
        FFXIII was a poor excuse for an RPG but FFXIII-2 was a vast improvement over that by getting back to basics (although it still has its flaws). Versus, however, looks like it has the potential to restore some credibility to Squenix if they ever decide to make the damn thing.

      2. @Masamune Every FF game is a poor excuse for an RPG, they’re JRPGs, there’s a difference. It’s funny you mention Versus though, that game doesn’t look anything like an RPG or FF game. Shooting a gun turret at enemies? no thank you, I had enough of that in Dirge of Cerberus.

  16. -Longer game of course
    – KEEP THE MONSTER CRYSTALS this was amazing i don’t care who hates it. you CANNOT say it wasn’t a good system Narasimha was frikkin awesome!
    -Bring back all the other characters as playable ones (so if you DONT want to use monsters you definitely don’t have to.)
    -Give us back the water element :( this was just hurtful water spells need love to…Bring back earth to..and actually add in more than just quake lol
    -Connect all the areas together feels more complete that way.
    -keep the combat system. And I’m sorry for those people who said having only 1 role for each character but I’m sorry i gotta disagree. this is ff 13.. not ff 1,2,3 or any other FF we have to move forward and all those “like the old days” people need to get with the change of style we have to progress, cause playing the same game over again is pointless. besides having multiple roles causes one to have t pay more attention in battle.
    -bring back haste and slow please :D these were my favorite spells..EVER..and like the best spells in general it’s irritating having to be weapon locked just to get that +50 ATB rate. i mean really. romulus and remus + idrahjit (whatever its called) were better than even the odin weapons due to their speed.
    -change up the crystarium 1 more time maybe? this fix up was nice but it still was a little…unexpansive? and you could max out two roles by like half the game and curb stomp life.
    -And maybe a whole re-evaluation of the battle system?

  17. I don’t really understand FF Versus XIII lovers. No offense, but how do you know that will be a good game? I don’t say it will be bad… but we know next to nothing about it. Why do you wait for it so much? A lot of people have waited for FFXIII… what happened then?

    FFXIII is the best game in the world IMO. Maybe because it was my first Final Fantasy game ever. And for those think FFVII is the best… I watched a walkthrough about it on Youtube. It’s a good game but I just didn’t have the same feeling.

    Somebody loves XIII, somebody hates it. A lot of people like FFVII, I don’t really. But I don’t go to forums and qq-ing about it. I hate that kind of people. If you don’t like a game, ignore it, there are plenty more out there.

    I’m looking forward to FFXIII-3.

    Sorry for bad english :/

  18. I don’t really understand FF Versus XIII lovers. I don’t say it will be a bad game, but we know next to nothing about it. How do you know it will be good? A lot of people thought FFXIII will be a really good game ’till it came out. How do you know it won’t be the same with Versus XIII?

    And about FFVII lovers. I didn’t play with that one (FFXIII was the first one), but watched a walkthrough about it. I don’t know… it’s a good game but I didn’t have that feeling what I had during FFXIII.

    But I don’t go to forums and QQ-ing about it. I hate those people. If you don’t like FFXIII, go play with something else. There is a plenty of games out there.

    Oh my god, a lot of people hates me now xD

    Looking forward to FFXIII-3!

    Oh, and sorry for my horrible english.

  19. What I would like to see in FFXIII-3:
    – Lightning getting out of that crystal
    – I would love they bring Serah back
    – Longer story, longer game than FFXIII
    – Fix up the crystarium because in FFXIII-2 the crystarium was horrible I didnt really liked the way they made it
    – From what all of you people said for the roles I would like the thing that in the party are three members and each of them having two of there own roles and having six paradigms
    – Oh I forgot Vanille and Fang I would like them to come back somewhere in the middle of the game so that we can see them a little bit
    – In FFXIII-3 I would really want that no great characters dies or sacrafises themself or something like that
    – And after every battle in the game I would like they keep the same thing in FFXIII-2 you get CP and GIL which makes the job of finding GIL a little easier
    – And no DLC because with DLC in FFXIII-2 they thought that they finished the story and ANSWERED all of our QUESTIONS but they havnt answered any questions and the story isnt over they have to make a FFXIII-3
    – About the characters I would really like them to keep all the same characters from FFXIII and FFXIII-2
    – And that Lightning, Noel and Serah are the main characters

    I would really like that they make FFXIII-3 because if they dont
    I will be really dissapointed

  20. I agree with everyone the story needs to be longer the the first two and i think the game should have all the characters in ff13 and ff132 the graphics was amazing on ff13 i also think that the game should be more challenging so it would take people longer to beat it thanks for considering making another one

  21. I would like to see:

    – Noel return
    – A better soundtrack. The FFXIII music was great but FFXIII-2 really bothered me. The transitions were terrible and often the tracks didn’t suit the mood or texture of the worlds/cutscenes. The song at the end of FFXIII-2 did not seem appropriate at all, especially with such a somber conclusion.
    – I liked the crystarium bubble costs in FFXIII-2 but enjoyed the FFXIII crystarium layout better. FFXIII bubble values seemed very inflated.

  22. I would like to see:

    – Noel return
    – A better soundtrack. The FFXIII music was great but FFXIII-2 really bothered me. The transitions were terrible and often the tracks didn’t suit the mood or texture of the worlds/cutscenes. The song at the end of FFXIII-2 did not seem appropriate at all, especially with such a somber conclusion.
    – I liked the crystarium bubble costs in FFXIII-2 but enjoyed the FFXIII crystarium layout better. FFXIII bubble values seemed very inflated.

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