Welcome to Square Portal


Welcome to the new site from makers of Final Fantasy XIII-2 News and Final Fantasy Versus XIII News.

This is a day we’ve been looking forward to for a year. In the beginning of 2011, we introduced the new fansite for Final Fantasy XIII-2. It didn’t just change our way to follow the development of the game, it changed the way how you followed it. With one of the fastest news providing writers, always-on-time news and simple English we allowed everyone enjoy reading news of Final Fantasy XIII-2. And the result? Over one million views and 8000 subscriptions in a year.

Well, today, we’re introducing our next project – SQUARE PORTAL.

Square Portal is a brand new gaming news site which provides you the most interesting news, articles and reviews about games from Square Enix like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Sleeping Dogs, Bravely Default and many others.
In the future we’ll be providing news about the next generation of home consoles and their release timing.  All news about your favorite games and consoles at same place, could it be any better.

And that isn’t the end. We always want to make our site better for the community – for you. To create working ecosystem we need to make finding us easier from the internet. That’s why we’re soon getting a new domain.

In the future forums will has a big role of our everyday communicate with other fans. The community will have a bigger role this time with creating, sharing and editing.  Chatting days and little competitions like weekly comic with our readers were just the beginning. Things are getting bigger and better.

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The ending of the story is the beginning of another…

Your admin, Jonttutan.

Check out the announcement trailer of Square Portal below. There will be another trailer coming which is dedicated for games like Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex and Hitman.

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